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Do you support our troops?

Now you can actively support them by hosting a military family for a day at the Jersey Shore.

Military Family Appreciation Day, LLC  

  (a non-profit organization)

The mission of the Military Family Appreciation Day, LLC is to enlist Boat owner hosts who live on the Barnegat Bay to provide a completely free day at the Jersey Shore to any active duty enlisted Military family who is or will be stationed at Fort Dix, McGuire Air Force Base or Lakehurst Naval Air Station from June 15, 2018 thru August 30, 2018.

Each host must submit the attached signup sheet in order to be matched up with the most appropriate military family depending on boat size, activities offered and location. All of the information provided will be kept in strict confidence and be used solely for the purpose of administering the program. The Program is only open to Enlisted active duty Military Personnel and their immediate families.  No Commissioned officers please.

Boat owner hosts acknowledge that they will not ask for or accept any form of payment from the Service Families as it will affect the charitable status of the program. The host’s commitment is to provide a single day of boating, barbeque and other water activities to as many Military families as can be accommodated during the summer. The minimum time period to be a host for the day is five hours. This program does not provide for overnight stays. This program is open for the 2018 season from June 15, 2018 through August 30, 2018, Monday through Friday only.  The Barnegat Bay boat traffic is so heavy on the weekends that our boat owners will only host a Military Family on a weekday.

The service family will be instructed to bring bathing suits, towels, sun tan lotion and a change of clothes. They will be asked to bring US Coast Guard approved life vests for children under the age of fourteen, if they have them.  They will not be asked to bring beer, soda, drinks, or anything except a smile. Asking for gas money or money for any incidentals is strictly prohibited.

There are two documents accompanying this notice. Please fill out the one appropriate to you and click on the SEND FORM button.

Host Signup Form: Each host must fill out this form. Please supply all the information requested. You will receive an email confirming receipt. Please be patient, it will initially take a little time for this program to acquire and process the information.

Military Family Request FormEnlisted personnel only.  Please check your eligibility noted on this form.  Fill out completely, email and wait for a response.  Please be patient.  We may not be able to accommodate your family due to family size, limited time periods or other unusual circumstances.

Questions ?    Call Tony Ferrullo      908-447-7397


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